How does it work??

1. What is it ?

  • Being a Greek Fashionwear Campus Representative involves acting as a liaison between the company and your campus community.

  • As a rep, you'll be responsible for promoting Greek Fashionwear products, organizing events, and creating a buzz about the brand among your peers.

  • This role offers a variety of benefits, including free merchandise, the opportunity to make new friends and network, financial support for school or personal expenses, and valuable job experience.

  • It's a role that requires enthusiasm, sociability, and a passion for building strong relationships.

  • The work environment is fun, easy-going, and comes with great perks.


  • There are two ways to advertise our products as a Greek Fashionwear Rep.

  • The first option is Selling around your college and generating sales in person.

  • The second option is Content creation and marketing on social media.

  • Another aspect of being a Greek Fashionwear Rep is recruiting fraternities for group orders. This is another great way to make some extra money.

3. GET PAID :)

  • We provide you with a 10% off discount code.

  • This code tracks the number of people who purchase with it.

  • You will get paid $5 for every Greek fashionwear piece of clothing you sell

  • Receive 10% of each group order you acquire

Additional perks:

Some of the perks about being a Greek Fashionwear rep are the Free stuff, new friends, networking, money for school or your wallet, job experience...We could give you dozens of incentives to becoming a Greek Fashionwear Campus Rep, but ultimately it’s finding what drives YOU. We’re passionate about building strong relationships with all of our clients and we need your help to do that! If you’re looking for a fun, easy going, sociable work environment with great perks then we urge you to apply toda